Digital Design and Art Direction

Reception Area

The reception area at MinkWell’s World HQ are all set for Halloween and waiting for trick or treaters. Speaking of which, I was at a friends house last weekend and they introduced me to the glory of “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special” which they bought from amazon. It is awful, but for all the right Read More

Van Alen Books

I was running some errands last week and found this bookstore. What a catch! The interior was designed by Lot-Ek and comprised of salvaged doors that tumble down the center of the store. The Van Alen Institute mission is “to promote inquiry into the processes that shape the design of the public realm.” That might Read More

The Giving Tree

Currently there is a tree in my backyard that won’t stop producing apples. Luckily my motto has always been “When Life Gives You Too Many Apples, Make A Galette”. It also helps when you have a boyfriend who can make pie dough in his sleep. A division of labor is key to making this dessert Read More

Dear Santa,

If you’re listening, Santa please please please I want one of these trip-tastic new LYTRO cameras. Not sure I completely understand the optics, but I’ll try to ‘splain: the camera captures the entire focal length of a single shot allowing you to select the focus after you shoot the image, and even play around, creating Read More

New Mag Alert: Wilder Quarterly

Wilder magazine launches today with an interesting mix of stories from how to create a modular cold frame, a field trip to Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle in Morocco, and musings from Dominique Browning. I’m excited to get my hands on a copy.

Celebrity Skin?

I’m not sure what to think of this Courtney Love film that is on the new Vanity Fair iPad. Sure, she is crackers, but the bunnies and macrons just ratchet up the insanity. Thoughts? Watch It: Courtney Love for Vanity Fair

Bored With Spotify?

Today Monocle (one of my favorite magazines) is launching their new 24/7 radio station called “Monocle 24”. Broadcasting from their world headquarters at Midori House, the station offers a mix of reports from the worlds of business, design, culture as well music you haven’t heard before. More Info: Desktop Listening

Field Trip: Don Carney @ Clic Gallery NYC

Homeware and accessories designer Don Carney (and co-founder of Patch NYC) has recreated his Cambridge, MA studio inside Clic Gallery at 255 Centre Street, New York. The installation includes drawings, wallpapers, feathers, bones and other curiosities that surround him at work. The drawings, which look like woodcuts, are actually ink drawn directly from the bottle’s Read More

Font Crush of the Month: Strangelove

Introducing Strangelove, FaceType’s homage to Paul Ferro’s hand-drawn titles for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, shown below. Paul Ferro is a Cuban-born designer/director and AIGA medalist who also created the titles to the ’80s classic Stop Making Sense. Available from FaceType.

The Best Place To Read And Have A Snack Attack

When I’m running around the city and need to take a break, one of my favorite places to hit is CityBakery, now celebrating its 20th year. I avoid the obvious times like breakfast and lunch and opt for the later afternoon re-charge of coffee and a cookie. Sitting on the second level gives me a Read More